VC’s salary: that’s alright then…

It is becoming clear that the information trickling out about our VC’s salary and pension in 2009-10 is proving something of an embarrassment to the University.  Why do I think this?  Because they have had to release a clarification on the matter to staff (staff can find it here).  In the nature of such clarifications it has raised further questions.  It agrees with us that Gordon’s salary places him as 28th best paid (but fails to acknowledge that Reading academics languish at 97th place), and also states that the £91,596 additional was pension related. It appears that this was a pension fund set up by the Renumeration Committee on top of his USS pension, for that portion of his salary above the ‘earnings cap’ above which contributions could not be made to USS.

Ok, but why was this pension dissolved and then paid to Gordon, effectively as salary, rather than the benefits being deferred until retirement?  perhaps we can do the same with our pensions?  I think not.

All this pensions business has added resonance today with the e-mail from Sally Hunt to UCU members stating that the five UCU members that sit on the USS Joint Negotiating Committee are being bullied and intimidated.  Strong words?  Well, what would you call being threatened with High Court action, and being threatened with being made personally liable for costs?  You should write to the VC and express your concern over this, see this.

With thanks to Fred for the title and alert.


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  1. papa smurf says:

    Speaking of Sally Hunt, the UCU is releasing clarifications over fat-cat salaries as well, it would appear…

  2. Simone says:

    and related to this, there some interesting viewing (plus more from that delightful man david willetts):

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